Monday, November 28, 2011


This is what came out of my mouth when I realized what was at my door today (November 21... I am scheduling this post so I can capture my excitement while it's fresh).
It was my blog swap gifts from MICHELLE!!! 

Seriously. I grabbed my package and ran to the bathroom (it was right after work... I had to tinkle!) and tore into that package like there was no tomorrow.

What did I find? This:
Please ignore the camo blanket I used to cover all the crap on the table


Okay, in detail.

Nicole by OPI nail polish in Never Give Up
Can't see it so good in the picture, but it's sparkly! And pink! AT THE SAME TIME!

Fingertip-less gloves
These gloves are so handy and necessary! Ever tried to get money outta your wallet with gloves on?

Warm Fuzzy Socks...
I live in these in the winter!

...that came with lotion and body spray in Vanilla Cupcake scent
Oooohhhh yeeeaaaahhhhh!

And an insulated cup!!
You can freeze it! 

I can't remember exactly how much I told Michelle about me (we had a lot of e-mails back and forth), but this was such a great package to get. I ADORE the nail polish, and I drink from these cups CONSTANTLY. And the fuzzy socks and gloves? I can NEVER have too many. And I go through so much lotion during the winter, it's not even funny.

So, moral of the story, Michelle over at Snapshots, is an EXCELLENT blog swap partner. 
Thanks Michelle, you are AMAZING!!

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