Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Goodies

I've been really good about posting the things I have gotten in blog swaps and whatnot, but I have failed to fill you guys in on things I've gotten OUTSIDE of the blogosphere. So here goes:

Secret Santa stuff!!
We do secret santas at work every year, and we are just getting into our third week of gift giving. So far I've gotten some nice surprises. The spending limit is $40 total, so about $10 a week. The first week, I got some candy... Twizzlers Pull and Peel, and chocolate covered gummi bears. YESSSS.
The last week I got this cute place mat and some mac and cheese (the boxed kind). 

That's all I've gotten so far. But I THINK I know who has me. I think it is our IT guy Brandon. I'll keep you updated.

Christmas Cards!!!
I've gotten a couple good Christmas cards this year. My cousins always send us photo cards, and this year my friend Bekah (check out her blog, Honest to Blog... she has been a bit sporadic with her posts, but she is HILARIOUS... for reals) did a photo card too.
Not to mention the one that made me MAYBE the happiest so far... one from everybody's favorite blogger, MRS MONOLOGUES!!
Thanks lady!! You made my day!!

The first party we will be attending this year is at our neighbors' house across the street. Little known fact: there has been an unspoken war between the two sides of the street for many many years... as far back in history as anybody can remember (that MAY be an exaggeration, but go with it). So us going to this party is kind of a big step, even though these particular neighbors have always been friendly and I actually like them a lot.

The next party I've got on my schedule is the cookie exchange/breakfast potluck at work. All those who choose to participate make 2 dozen of their favorite cookies, and we all get together one more and everybody gets to take home some of everybody else's cookies. And don't forget the potluck portion of that sentence. (I will be making cheesy hashbrown casserole... check back after December 22 for pictures and a recipe).

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, is the Ho Ho Homicide murder mystery party that me (and Chad) will be attending on the 30th. I know, it's AFTER Christmas, but that was the only day that worked with everybody's schedules. I LOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE these parties, for real. This one will be REALLY fun for me because Chad is coming FOR THE FIRST TIME. It is thrown by one of the families that is associated with my bell choir, and you should know that my handbell choir has basically become my family over the years (you can't NOT be like family with you travel all over the world with each other every 3 years... but those are crazy stories for another time), so they have really been wanting Chad to come to one for a while now. Anyways, we both get to be elves. This doesn't bother me even the slightest, however Chad almost had a panic attack when he found out that he was going to be an elf... named Bouncy... BAHAHAHAHAHA! You can rest assured, my lovely readers, that I'm gonna have a post after that wild time, fo sheezy. 

That's all for the holiday happiness that I have to share right now (good thing, because the timer on my din din is beeping as I type).

Imma try to be back tomorrow with a Target Tuesday post...

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Stephanie Doyle said...

Now you have me curious if Brandon has you! But... maybe it's me AGAIN! ;) Sending you comment love from my desk!!!!