Monday, December 12, 2011

I got spoiled!

Today is the day to reveal what we got from our How the Glitz Stole Christmas swap partners.
My partner was Olivia over at Simply Sunshine and Daisies.

Let me tell you, when I started chatting with her over e mail, I decided that she is just the kind of person I would be friends with IRL. 

She was way WAY too sweet to me when she sent my package. Seriously. It makes me feel like such a bad gift giver (which I NEVER feel like) because she just really spoiled me rotten.
This is what was in my package:

A great pink and white striped scarf
A pig ornament that says "let there be pigs on earth" (she is a HUGE fan of pigs)
Nicole by OPI nail polish in Disco Dolls
Cupcake shaped bath bomb (smells like coconut!) and some bath salts
A pretty floral headband
Some lip gloss/chapstick
A cute bracelet
Christmas Earrings

I love all of it. I couldn't believe that things just kept coming out of that box, it was like being Mary freaking Poppins.

Anyways, that is what I got from Olivia.
Also, please keep her in your thoughts. She has been fighting cancer, and recently her health took a bit of a turn in the wrong direction.
I have faith that she will bounce back quickly, but please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


♥Jess said...

Whoa, she did spoil you! I love how she sent a pig ornament - you'll always remember her!

Alyssa said...

Wow! That's so awesome! Good for you, girl!

Lindsey said...

hahaha "it was like Mary Freakin Poppins" hahahaha! Love it! That scarf is so cute, but pink is my fave color so I may be biased. Yay for meeting someone you would be IRL friends with! And thanks so much for participating in our swap!!! We had a blast hosting it.


Raven said...

LOL to the pig ornament hahaha!!!! and that scarf is fantastic!! You really did get a great haul! Thanks soo much for swapping with us!

Arielle said...

Your blog is too cute! New follower:)
I LOVE that pink scarf!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

that headband is TOOOOO DIe for :)! Found your blog from the swap. Wishing I had known about it in time because it looks like it was blast. Loving your cute blog!