Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Okay... to be absent from my blog

Its Ok Thursdays
It’s okay… to drink straight from the bottle of sparkling cider in hopes of nobody else wanting to drink any.
It’s okay… to be really scared about working out with Chad’s cousin because she is going to kick my ass in the gym.
It’s okay… to kind of like it when the boss is out of town because I can do things at my own pace without being scared she is watching my every move (not that I am really scared she does that anyways…)
It’s okay… to be kind of upset with the movie Water for Elephants because they left out the whole important part about carrying the water for the elephants. If someone hasn’t read the book they aren’t going to know how the hell the title makes sense!
It’s okay… to FINALLY see an attractive side to Robert Pattinson after watching Water for Elephants.
It’s okay… to be planning the order in which I am going to purchase all the Christmas gifts people didn’t get me.
It’s okay… to have a hard time not getting a loan to buy a horse trailer. All I wanna do is ride!
It’s okay… to miss Christmas music already.

That’s all kids! I haven’t really blogged this week because I’ve been working on getting caught up with life… and other people’s blogs. I should be back to normal next week.


*Sassy Vodka Panties* said...

Haha I so agree with you on Robert Pattinson-- so not attractive in Twilight, but kind of sexy in Water for Elephants.

*Sassy Vodka Panties* said...

P.S. I tagged you!