Monday, February 6, 2012

Check In

Blogger's Biggest Loser

I don't have a ton of stuff to report for the last couple weeks with the BBL link up, since I haven't been able to work out since I got my foot surgery, but I DO have some things that I am happy about.

First, as I touched on the other day, I was able to fit into a bridesmaid dress a size smaller than the first time we went shopping about a month ago. Yahoo!! I mean, one size isn't a huge deal, but every little bit counts.

Second, I've still been cooking healthy meals for Chad and myself pretty much every night. It makes me feel so much better about myself knowing that I am putting good food into my body rather than crap all the time.

Third, I've stuck to my February challenge of no alcohol. I hasn't been as easy as I thought it might be because all I can hear in my head is "you can't drink" which tricks me into thinking that I WANT to drink. Does that make sense? Anyways, I think I can make it as long as dear Chadley doesn't make me so crazy I hafta drown my annoyance, haha.

Now, for the things that I want to improve on for next week.

I really want to put a stop to my soda drinking. I normally don't drink that much soda, but the past couple weeks (maybe since I told myself to stop drinking alcohol?) I have just had this unquenchable need for the fizzy goodness. 

Get back to working out. I have my follow up appointment on Wednesday for my foot, so I am hoping that he gives me the okay to get back in the gym, even if it's only on light duty. My foot feels alright most of the time, so I think I should be able to definitely get in the pool (as long as the stitches come out and the incision is healed up all the way). 

Get back in a routine. Not working out has really thrown me off of my schedule. I've been sleeping in until 7:45 almost every morning, and staying up later than I should. So I know once I can get back to my regular workouts, it'll be hell to drag myself outta bed.

Anyways, I hope everybody else is doing well with their goals! Summer is right around the corner ladies!

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