Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mother Nature is a Cold Bitch...

So I know my last post was really not very cheery... my bad. But we all know that life isn't all sugar and spice and everything nice.
With that said, I found out tonight that someone I know passed away. In his early 30s. From heart failure.
He was a nice guy that I first met when I was about 17. He was a friend of a friend of my boyfriend at the time (are you still with me?). We ended up hanging out with the same people at the same times. I didn't see him for a few years, but then last year we came in contact again at my work. 
Anyways, he was a really nice guy, a family man with two kids and a wife. And he died suddenly, and I really am having a hard time wrapping my mind around the crazy things that happen sometimes.

Anyways, moving on.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are having some wet weather (What else is new 20 miles from Seattle?) 
Which, for those of us in the Snoqualmie Valley, means FLOODING (everybody together now... YAY!!!).

So I'm gonna just share with you guys some of the fantastical images of flooding in our area over the years.

This is a section of our main highway... or what WAS our main highway. That green house in the background never recovered (obviously) and the old man that was inside it had to be airlifted out. He didn't make it. (fun fact: ALL the houses on that side of the highway were condemned this past fall due to the flood damage YEARS ago)

This house is on the market. And has been for a while. Can't imagine why... (fun fact: I seriously wanted to go look at it because the inside looks really cute. From this angle, not so much)

Yes, Snoqualmie welcomes you. By invitation (and boat) only. (fun fact: this sign is about a block from my work, and people honestly DID have to boat to the office)

Aerial view of the valley. WELCOME!

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Alison Sokol said...

Oh the PNW. Apparently it's supposed to snow a little bit tomorrow up here. Yuck!