Sunday, February 12, 2012

Movie Review: Breaking Dawn part 1

I'm a bit of a Twihard. It's true. But I didn't see this movie in the theaters (because I hate going to movies in the theater... it's expensive, uncomfortable, and there's no vodka).

I considered going to the Target "release party", but then I realized that a) I'm broke and can't afford to buy the movie right now, and b) I'm too lazy to go wait around at Target with a bunch of other psychos.

Thank God for On Demand because I got to watch it in the comfort of my own home for only $5.00 and I don't have to pay until next months cable bill shows up. Excellent.

Anyways, back to the review.

I liked it a lot. Although thinking back on it now (I just watched it this morning) I don't feel like there was a ton of activity.

The wedding made me tear up.
The honeymoon made me jealous. The beautiful island, the romance, the passion... wow. 
And then baby made 3.

The pregnancy made Bella DISGUSTING. For real. She looked like she was a holocaust victim.

Props to the makeup artists because I don't know how the eff they did that. 
It was ca-RAZY.

Overall, I did enjoy the movie.

I enjoyed the way Jacob looked when he showed up at the wedding with this 5 o'clock shadow. It was a good look on him.

I liked the fact that Edward seemed much more human in this movie... he seemed to have real non-dead human desires. He actually wore pajamas. And laid in bed.

With that said, I can't wait for Part 2 to come out. I have a feeling I will be re-reading the books between now and then.


Michelle said...

I watched it this weekend too! If you ever buy or rent it, definitely check out the added features - it actually goes into how they did the CGI to make her look about 70 lbs., the wolves, etc.

sharshar said...

I loved the Breaking Dawn in theaters! It was so close to the book. Bella looked dreadful while she was pregnant, wow! I loved the wedding ceremony, her dress was awesome. I want my wedding to be like Bella's. After seeing Breaking Dawn in theaters I wanted to go back right in and re-watch it again. Now that it’s available on Blockbuster @Home, I can watch it as many times as I want without being charged a late fee. Since I started working for DISH, my experience with Blockbuster @Home personally has been great. My family loves having thousands of choices of video games and movies to choose from.