Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hi, my name is Carly. And I am addicted to Words with Friends.

I just hopped on the wagon less than a week ago and I haven't been able to stop.

Something I've noticed when I play is that whenever someone plays a word, I automatically think it is a direct result about what the person I am playing against is thinking about me.

If someone plays "breast" or "bedroom" my reaction is "Whoa there cowboy (or cowgirl), are you coming on to me???"

If the word "rude" or "psycho" is played, I think "are you being for real bi-otch?"

Someone even spelled the word "bye" the other day and I immediately thought they didn't want to play with me anymore (which made Sad Panda).

Also, am I the only person that thinks that some of the words that it allows aren't real words? I've taken to just plugging letters in hoping that it thinks it's real words. Sometimes it does.

Anyways, I'm highly addicted. And I urge you to play with me if you so wish. Carly_Ann_13 is my username.

That's All.


Miranda said...

play with me too! mlco33! love WWF....i suck but i still love playing :)

Nichole said...

ahahaha, I am addicted as well! I just started playing ttwo weeks ago and can't stop! Come play with me! NikkiC1284

Julia Miller said...

I play all the time. My games last forever because with my almost 2 year old running around I never have the time to finish a game in one sitting, :)