Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Time for some Correspondance.

I'm linking up for Friday's Letters for the first time today.


Dear Tina Reale, thank you for the amazing personal training set up. I am seriously feeling the burn and am hoping that I can get my eating habits under control again so this is effective.

Dear Buck, I love how you still act like a puppy when you get excited. On our bike ride the other day, you just wanted to run and run and run and run and RUN. Now if only I could keep up.

Dear potential borrowers, please come in and see me at work. SOON. I'm sorry I complained about being so busy last month, I didn't intend for all of you to just stop coming in, leaving me with nothing to do but nod off in front of my computer every day.

Dear Hunger Games, I wish you would just go straight to DVD so I could see you without going to the theaters. I almost wet myself everytime I see the previews.

Dear Marv, if you could just leave town when you are supposed to, I would really appreciate it. It would save me a lot of unneeded stress.

Dear money, I wish you would miraculously appear in my checking account in large quantities so as to appease the bill collectors.

Dear HGTV, I do hope you pick me for the Dream Home giveaway. 


Meg said...

Cute post! Whenever money gets back to you with those large quantities of money, would you tell Her to come see me as well. And my bank account.

Adorable profile description, btw. Found you on Adventures of Newlyweds; love your blog! :)

Victoria said...

haha i wish money would randomly appear in my accounts too :)

happy weekend!

Megan said...

Ahhhh, I'd be so happy if money appeared in my account!! I'd even share a little bit! Haha!!