Friday, March 9, 2012

Warning: Wacky Weekend Ahead!

Just kidding, my weekend isn't going to be very wacky, if wacky at all.

Here are a few things I plan to do, and why.

Clean my car out. Why? Because it smells disgusting and I don't know why. I mean, I have a lot of stuff in it, sometimes, but not usually garbage or anything that would SMELL. This leads me to believe that probably my dear loving Chad has left something in there. Must. Solve. Mystery.

Workout. This is my first week of my personal training plan, and I have to admit it's been hard, which has been causing me to slack a little bit. Plus the fact that I discovered that I can't make it to the gym early enough before work to complete my workouts, and after work I kind of rush through to get dinner on the stove. Which means that I will not only be doing my scheduled workouts, but I will be forcing myself to do the Harry Potter workout again. DUN DUN DUNNNNN!

Clean. A LOT. I feel like my weekends tend to be consumed with cleaning. And napping, obviously. But I find that on weekends I get up, do dishes and laundry, and then sporadically do other chore-like activities over the course of my time off. And let's just say that trying to be healthy and cook at home 99% of the time makes a LOT of dishes. 

Try to go shopping. I say "try" because I don't have any money. But I figure if I can trick convince my mother to take me shopping somewhere... like Target. Or even BETTER. Maurice's! I gotta get these things:

Nap. You ladies know I LOVVVVE me a good nap.


Stephanie Doyle said...

Yeah, if your car has a funny odor, it may be time to clean it ;)

Fireflywishes said...

LOL I hope you solve that mystery! That can be scary LOL
I hope you get to go on that shopping trip because those clothes and shoes are awesome!
I've never heard of the HP workout - sounds fascinating :D

Have a fantastic weekend :D
April @ My Shelf Confessions

Jodie said...

I LOVE Maurines!! Most of my jeans and work pants come from there!

Have a good week!