Monday, March 12, 2012

Sh*t Chad Says (or does). And some diet insight.

Sometimes my boyfriend says crazy things. And he DOES even crazier things. 
I don't mean like "wow, that was a CRAZY stunt", I mean more along the lines of "um... please stop liking your shoe" crazy.

For example: 
Chad comes out of the bathroom one day after showering and proceeds to say to me
"I just clipped my toenails. And for some reason I put them in the litter box..."
(cool, now I hafta scoop Chad's dinosaur claws outta the litter box)

Or the other night laying in bed:

Chad: (completely out of the blue) That would SUCK!
Me: Um, what would suck.
Chad: Getting shot in the stomach
(note: we  weren't watching TV or ANYTHING... completely silent)
Me: Why would you get shot in the stomach?
Chad: Not ME, the fool who chooses to walk in here in the middle of the night and gets shot with the 410.


Anyways, now I am going to share with you some of my reviews of different diet products and whatnot that I have tried over the years.

First up, Medifast.
Now, I can't lie, Medifast made me lose weight. Pretty quickly. 
But it sucked. You wanna know why?
Because it tasted like crap. Seriously. It was NOT good. And it made me cranky.
I know, that sounds like a cop out. But the idea behind Medifast is that you aren't eating very many calories... hence the FAST in MediFAST. It's literally 400-500 calories all day until dinner. For me, that meant headaches, hunger, NO energy, and general pissiness.
You have no energy to do anything because your body doesn't have fuel to do anything. 
It was early summer when I was doing it and we were working in the yard. I couldn't rake for more than 10 minutes before I was practically falling down. The hunger and headaches made me pretty freaking unpleasant to be around.
Not to mention the fact that you can't possibly expect to keep it up long term. Nobody is going to honestly say "yes, I would LOVE to eat this slop that tastes like chalk and mold for the rest of my life to keep up this weight loss."
In my book, Medifast was no good.

Next, Weight Watchers
The commercials are for real. This is a good program. Since it actually analyzes what you are eating and your goals and whatnot, it works pretty well. I lost weight on WW when I was tracking my points. And it motivated me to work out so I could get those extra points here and there to spend on alcohol and Twizzler Pull n Peels. However, I gradually found myself not being able to stick with the tracking. If I were out and about, or didn't have the nutrition facts on a certain food, it was easy for me to say "oh well, I'll pick it up again tomorrow". Didn't happen.

My Fitness Pal
Another AWESOME tool. Even though it doesn't say exactly what you should be eating or anything, it is a nice guideline in order to get your calorie intake under control. And it's a nice support system if you have friends doing it with you. I personally didn't think it helped me that much. I mean, it was nice to have as a resource, but it didn't give me what i needed. Homegirl needs some SERIOUS help, not just a program that tells me that I should have 1200 calories a day. Especially because, like WW, you get extra calories for your day if you work out. I don't need to have something encouraging me that if I workout, I can eat like crap. If that were the truth, I wouldn't be in this position.

Anyways, those are my reviews of some popular diet programs.
What I've found works for me has just been planning ahead.
And my ViSalus shakes. They give me lots of nutrients and keep me pretty full until lunch. 
Then I just try to have a healthy lunch (which I've kind of been failing at lately) and a well rounded dinner. 

That's all.

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Bethany said...

Haha your boyfriend sounds hilarious! Glad he makes you laugh :)