Friday, March 2, 2012

Long Overdue

Boob Tube Babble

I haven't linked up for a few weeks, but right now I can NOT avoid talking about my two of my current favorite TV shows.

I talk, of course, about Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game.

First up, PLL.

Now, I'm starting to think that the show is going to follow the books when they reveal who A is. For those of you who watch but haven't read the books, I won't give you a complete spoiler. But I will say that things are starting to show signs of being similar... although this Vivian Darkbloom character is just coming out of left field. Whoa.
I am completely chomping at the bit to find out if my suspicions are correct.
And I really want everybody's boyfriends to come back now, particularly Toby. 

Next, The Lying Game

Seriously, why does Sutton have to be such a slut bag? Or suck a sucky person IN GENERAL. I mean, doesn't she realize that Emma would be a really great friend/sister to have, if she would just stop being so freaking jealous all the time?
And good for Emma for standing up for herself to Ethan when he finally told her the truth. Although I do hope that he realizes he needs to drop all feelings for Sutton like a bad habit and just get with Emma 100%.
Speaking of Emma, I want her to tell Laurel the truth. I think that Laurel would keep the secret and would end up being like Mads and appreciating her so much more.

Anyways, in other TV news, the only other show I've really been watching regularly is The Challenge: Battle of the Exes. 

So glad CT is back, and i kind of want to see things get rekindled with him and Diem. And I'm still a big fan of Paula, and I love the fact that every season she seems to get more and more confident. I'm sure FINALLY winning last season helps that a lot. Johnny and Camila are ON FIRE. I like them both okay, so I don't mind. 
Overall, this season isn't leaving me completely anxious for the next episode, but I am enjoying it and, surprisingly enough, Chad enjoys watching with me.

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Miranda said...

i haven't read the PLL books but I looked up who A was...and i was thinking the same thing. but i am hoping it is someone else so it is a surprise! i'm excited to find out and also i'm curious to see how the show will go on once they figure out who A is? wonder if someone will try and be a new A.