Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Weekend: In Pictures (kind of)

So ya know how I never have anything to tell you about after the weekends, aside from working out, taking naps, and doing laundry?

All that is about to change, my friends. Because this weekend I actually did things, and I didn't take even ONE nap.

So here is a breakdown  of what all I did.

Not much to report. If you read my post, you know I was in a pretty foul mood and feeling like a real asshole. I did go with Chad to Dustin's house and played with this little guy for a while:

Yes, I know my finger is encroaching. That's not the point. Mason was expressing how exciting it was with the motorcycle started up.
Check out the plumbers crack! He's graduated to pull ups and big boy pants, and it has become apparent that he needs a belt.

Anyways, that was all for my Friday. We had some friends that we hadn't seen in a while call us up and want us to come up to their place, but I really was just not feelin' it and knew I would be bad company, so I just told Chad to go without me so I could wallow in my bad mood alone.

Saturday started out with me and my mom going to meet Sister and her fiance to go to the wedding expo at the Tacoma Dome. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of crowds and short amount of time we were in there. They were looking for a DJ/Photographer and an officiant, as well as some caterers (they already had one pretty much picked, but they wanted to make sure before they paid anybody any money). The quickly decided on their DJ and Photographer (best deal, PLUS they throw in a 10 person limo from point to point... FOR FREE).
We also decided to hit up the business Costco on our way back towards Sister's house.
So that was that. However by this time it is about 12:30 and we decided it was lunch time. We decided to go to a barbecue place we passed on the way to Tacoma (a place that i saw and yelled "ohhhh! that place looks cool!!!!")
I'd like to introduce you to the Warthog BBQ Pit
As you can see, it's tucked right into an industrial type area with warehouses and whatnot surrounding it. (Also, you can see that the special on Saturday was smoked prime rib).
This picture is really kind of crappy, but you can see Sister's car and the back of my mom's head... if that does anything for you.
This is the menu that I did my ordering from... the burgers! I got the Ultimate. 1/2 pound of kobe beef with smoked ham, smoked bacon, onions, lettuce and their housemade BBQ sauce and chipotle mayo.
This is the inside (while we were waiting for our food). There are clearly dead animals all over the place. And there is a hand washing station tucked back in a corner, just in case.
There she is, my Ultimate Burger and fries. People, it was HEAVENLY. I feel a little ashamed that I didn't get anything more traditionally BBQ, but this was AH-MAZING. The fries weren't my favorite because they were kind of limp, but there is definitely something to be said about REAL potatoes being deep fried and then dipped in BBQ sauce.

So, enough of that (definitely not a shining moment for my diet). After lunch we headed home. Then I headed out to go tend to some errands, one of which was checking up on my horse. So, I go to the farm, get her grain all ready to go and then try to plan out the best to take to a) get out into the field myself, and b) get her OUT of the field once I get in there. You see, the farm is a very VERY muddy place right now. Unlike you folk that have been having all this crazy good weather the past few weeks, things here haven't been all sunshine and roses. Pair that with the fact that there is a dozen cows and 5 horses traipsing through all the main paths and you find yourself shin deep in mud and cow pies. 
Anyways, I pick my steps carefully and I get out there in the field and start hollering. Normally I can yell for one of them and they will all come up. Not this time, no no. This time, the only animal that cared about my presence was Chad's cousin's GINORMITRON cow. This beast comes barreling at me like some sort of maniac (she thought I had food for some reason). So, I get scared. I mean, REAL scared. I don't like cows. I don't know how to deal with them. In my experience, they don't really care about you and what you say. 
So I'm slowly trying to sneak back up to the barn to escape but this pushy broad is all up in my business (there are two dairy cows that are very people friendly and about 10 beef cows that really aren't, so they pretty much stay away). She keeps getting closer and closer and I am damn near in tears because I am so freaked out. The mud is deep and I am squishing and stumbling trying to get away. She keeps coming. She starts pushing me with her fat head (which I whacked more than once, I won't lie) and eventually kind of pins me to a fence post. I pushed her real hard and was able to get through one of the little gates unscathed. Obviously she rammed it with her head a few times and made some very disgruntled sounds. But at least I lived to tell the tale.

So, moving on. After that I went and picked up my friend Courtney (the one whose house I chose not to go to the night before) to go on an adventure of sorts to find a baby shower gift. We had a good time catching up, having smoothies, purchasing diapers, yada yada yada. 

My evening ended with Chad and I going up to a friends house to hang out with a bonfire and some beverages.

Sunday (aka today):

Woke up this morning, watched last weeks episode of GCB online and did some dishes.
Then Chad and I suited up for a bike ride! It was pretty freaking cold outside, but the sun was peaking through the clouds so we went for it. Buck LOVES bike rides. He runs and runs and runs and runs and runs like there's no tomorrow.
After our exhilarating morning outing, I had to get ready to go to a baby shower for my friend Morgan.
The Mama to be!
She got so many cute things, I won't even get into the pictures because a) chances are you really don't care, and b) I don't usually have a ton of pictures on my posts, so this one has been EXHAUSTING for me. But the shower was cowboy themed, and she got some really stinkin cute things, like little tiny wranglers, john deer cowboy boots, and a hand made cowboy quilt. She seriously made out good, there was, like, 2 full hours of gift opening. Ridiculous.

Anyways, that is my chock full weekend my friends. Congratulations if you've made it this far!

Oh, by the way, I'll be hosting my very first giveaway here in the next couple days, so keep your eyes peeled.

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