Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random Ramblings

This post won't be a super coherent, flowy type one. It's basically just a bunch of stuff that is running through my mind that wouldn't a whole post make.

First of all, I think I have decided that my new blog name will be What Doesn't Kill You. I started the blog as a way to document my weight loss struggles, but it's gradually turned into a place to talk about EVERYTHING in my life. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. (I'm not sure how this change will affect those of you that have subscribed to me. Anybody every made this kind of change before? Help?)

Next, I have started a mental list of the foods that I MUST avoid in the store when I go grocery shopping because I have ZERO self control when it comes to portion sizes. This list thus far consists of:
Donuts, Marinated mozzarella cheese, twizzler's pull and peels, cereal in a box (this one sounds weird, but I will eat a whole box of cereal in one sitting if I'm not careful), Snappea Crisps (good thing the number of servings per bag is only 3 compared to normal chips... and they're made of a vegetable)
That's my list at the moment.

I take my first hot yoga class this weekend. I called today to make sure I know what to bring, and was SO happy when the lady that answered the phone sounded just like the blonde British girl on Bridesmaids. You know the one.

House shopping is discouraging. That's all.

I thought I found the perfect anniversary gift for Chad today, until I was told that it very possibly wouldn't be what he wants. Great. Just freaking great.

I am almost done with the book I'm reading right now (Random Family) which means I get to FINALLY start Mockingjay.

Chad and I are heading over the mountains to Ellensburg this weekend to help my friend Hillary celebrate her 21st birthday! This will be the first time since Vegas last summer that Chad and I have gone away together.

I will leave you with that. One random picture in this post, of dear Hill-Daddy pretending to drink vodka (since it's illegal to drink before you're 21 and all) on a trip to Hawaii last year.

Bye bye now.


Nichole said...

Your new blog title sounds great! I say THE same thing all the time. Also I lol'd at the British chick pic, I think my fave part in the flick is when her brother (I think?)is pouring frozen peas down her back lol

Anonymous said...

It won't affect followers if you only change the name, but if you change the blog address to another blogspot address, your followers will have to re-add you. If you pay the $10 to buy your own web address, your followers will automatically be redirected. (I've done this before and it is a hassle, so be sure of your name before you do it!!)

And good luck with the healthy eating! I'm trying hard right now, too!