Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Loving

Honestly, I'm really not feeling all that cheery this week. I'm kind of feeling really blah and unhappy. But I figure I should still post about the things that I AM loving. Ya know, in an attempt to convince myself that the glass is half full and all that BS.

I'm loving my renewed resolve to cook and eat healthy meals. I was doing really REALLY well for a while there and I was seeing the pounds gradually fade away. But then i fell off the wagon and let Chad tell me that we needed tacos and dino nuggets every night. And whaddya know, the scale became my enemy again!
Tonight's dinner: tuscan seasoned cod, Green Giant veggies, and some broccoli cheese rice

I'm loving that Chad has been trying to do more things with me. Last weekend we went on a bike ride, and he has been wanting to play cards with me and even played Super Mario on the Wii with me! (he doesn't like games that he isn't EXCELLENT at).
During our bike ride a couple weeks ago.

I'm loving that we keep getting little hints of spring. Sure, 6 out of 7 days of the week it's raining and nasty, but there is always that ONE day that the sun peeks through that gives me hope that there may just be a summer this year.

I'm loving planning Sister's bachelorette party. Sure it's just the beginning stages, but I think it's going to be a really good time. 
Side note: all my Washington state ladies, I'm looking for suggestions of affordable cabin rentals within a couple hours of Seattle. Preferably on a lake. With a hot tub. And a bathroom. But we'll take 2 of the 3. Or even just 1. K thanks.
Rentable cabin at Wallace Falls. No bathroom or refrigerator though...

I'm loving that when I tried on dresses at Target the other day, they looked a lot better on me than they did when I tried them on a few weeks ago. 

Anywhoodle, those are the things I'm loving this week.
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