Sunday, March 4, 2012

Typical Weekend Recap...

I know you guys are all wetting yourselves waiting to hear about what I've been doing this weekend (aside from going gangster yesterday). 
Wait no longer my pets, I am here to oblige your curiosity.

After my nap yesterday (which went a LEEEETLE longer than expected), I punished my checking account by going to Target and Safeway.
I did surprisingly well at Target, only purchasing things for my 3.14 blog swap partner (keep your eyes peeled Miranda, your things are going in the mail tomorrow!), and just a couple necessities for myself (mousse, a new loufah, a cookbook, some stationary, and Breaking Dawn part 1).

Then on to Safeway. Oy! I can't be the only person that spends well over $100 every time I go to the grocery store, can I? Thank god gas rewards are now 30 cents for ever $100 you spend, because gas prices are getting freaking ridiculous... over $4 a gallon? Don't get me started on how the cost of living is going up but my paychecks are staying the same. I can't complain too much though... I have a good job and they do what they can... it's the people that don't make their loan payments I should be chasing with burning torches...

Sorry, I got off track there for a minute.

That was just about it for my Saturday. Today I did more laundry, and am now typing up this post while I watch Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone and do this workout:

I can not tell a lie, my fracking legs are feeling the burn right now. I've been doing a lot of jumping jacks (Hagrid says "I shouldn't 'ave said that" a lot) and lunges (I was counting the points earned in the Quidditch games for a while). I am realizing during the lunges that my foot is not as healed as I had hoped because trying to do a lunge bending that right foot is fairly excrutiating.

Well ladies, that is pretty much the excitement of my weekend. I'll be cooking dinner tonight, as usual. And going to bell choir rehearsal, just like any other Sunday. And probably taking a nap.

What can I say, I'm a creature of habit.


Nicole said...

Ugh gas is $4.55 here! =( The husband and I were just saying how much of a steal our rent was considering where we live! SO we are lucky in that way =D

Miranda said...

i got your package today ! woo hoo! LOVED it! don't worry! yours is a comin' :)