Friday, March 23, 2012

Zoya Apple

The Nail Files

I know I'm almost a week late with this, but I'm going to show you my St Patrick's Day nails.

(10 blogger points to you if you can spot Buck!)

I used Zoya in Apple.
The first time I thought I would wear this color I started and only got it on a couple nails before I decided that it would take about 47 coats to get it to where you couldn't see through it. 
But I decided to give it another go for St Patrick's Day because it is the only real green that i have right now. It surprised me. I only used two coats and it turned out good. It was a little transparent in the places where my second coat wasn't very good, but overall I liked it.
I've also heard people say that it peels off after, like, a day. I couldn't tell you if that is the truth or not because my polish never stays on for more than a couple days at a time because I get bored. I think I took it off on Sunday night (I put it on Saturday). In that time, it didn't chip or come of at all, but I can't say that I did anything particularly strenuous on them... (aside from play Super Mario on the Wii for a few hours...)

Anyways, that's that.


jennie said...

Very festive and pretty good coverage for 2 coats! :)

Stephanie Doyle said...

Cute, I like it!! :)

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

haha I spot Buck! I did a post about "dog photo bombing" on bloggers hehe

But love the nails - I like to get festive too :)

tara said...

ooh! i love that color! so pretty!

Miranda said...

love this color!

Laura said...

very pretty color!