Sunday, April 1, 2012

Birthday Shenanigans

As I mentioned the other day, Chad and I had plans this weekend to go over the mountains to Ellensburg to celebrate my friend Hillary's 21st birthday.

So I hope you're prepared for the picture overload. this normally doesn't happen on my posts, but I remembered to bring my REAL camera with me AND to take pictures with it. Must be your lucky day.

Our hotel room. That bed was HUGE!

 She was forced to wear this sign at the pizza place we met at and people signed the back. Pretty funny stuff on there. (Don't mind that my friend Emily photobombed the close up of the poster with her cupcake. rude.)
Hill's shoes. So cute, but we tried to tell her that wearing cute new shoes on your 21st birthday when you're walking all over town isn't a good idea.
She realized the error in her ways after the first bar and decided to catch a piggy back ride to the next place.
 Taking her first birthday shot from Chad. Fireball, of course.
 Some of the party people! (You may recognize Morgan on the right from the picture at her baby shower last weekend. She was a trooper and came out to celebrate with us, even though she had a bit of a scare with her belly last week)
 Momma to be enjoying a nice cold milkshake.
 These are two of my OLDEST friends, Jill and Stacie. I met Jill at church probably when I was preschool age and then Stacie I met in Kindergarten. Love them.
Chad came and asked me for a dollar, and I thought he was gonna play some music or tip the bartender. Nope. Big Buck Adventure was calling his name.
Sorry 'bout the poor quality of this one... it was dark. Anyways, the last place we went had dancing AND karaoke. Hillary took this opportunity to show off her mad air guitar skills. This picture doesn't do it justice. She was a mad woman up there.
We also made her pick something from the vending machine to snack on... since she pretty much had a stomach full of alcohol and no food. Recipe for disaster.

Anyways, that was the cliff notes version of the night. It was a lot of fun. She seemed to be doing okay by the time Chad and I left the bar around midnight, but who knows what happened after that. I'll have to pick her brain to find out how much she actually remembers.

So that is the lowdown on the party! I'll be back tomorrow with another post full of pictures that I took on the way home. Be excited.

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Nichole said...

Looks like a great 21st shindig!