Friday, April 20, 2012

Dear Diary...


Dear blog friends: I realize I have really left you guys hanging lately. I'm really sorry. I feel like I've just been really busy trying to work out a lot and keep myself busy rather than just being a freaking bump on a log all the time.

Dear Weight Watchers: Thank you for coming back into my life. I've only been back with you for 2 weeks, but I've already hit my 5 pound mark and that makes me feel good. I like having these guidelines back to help me get to where I want to be.

Dear fat: why can't you disappear from my problem areas first? I mean, 5 pounds of fat is 5 pounds of fat any way you look at it, but I would prefer that it disappear from somewhere like my thighs or my stomach, rather than just around my face and from my right boob. Yeah, I said it. RUDE.

Dear Buck: you are just the best little beagle in the whole wide world. However I would appreciate it if you would stop randomly throwing up. it makes me worried that someone has tried to poison you.

Dear children and young adults everywhere: Please please PLEASE stop resorting to suicide to make your hurt go away. There are so many people out there that I'm sure would be so willing to help you through whatever hard times you are going through in your life... you don't have to fight these fights yourself. 
*A student at Mount Si High School (my alma matter, if you will) committed suicide last night. This is I think the 3rd one in the past few years. He was a sophomore.

Dear Weekend: Holy crap balls I'm glad you're here! This week has been really weird for me... I forgot about my doctor's appointment on Monday, slept through my alarm on Tuesday, remembered at about 11:30 on Wednesday night that i had a 7 am dentist appointment the next day... it's been a rough week! I am ready to take naps, workout, do some chores and hopefully enjoy some sunshine!

Dear housing market: Please stay good for a while. I am really itching to get my own place and things are really picking up around here so all the good houses are being snatched right up. Just leave me one good place in my price range in Fall City... please?

Dear Chad: Please don't make me take away the new Glock 20 SF that I bought you for our anniversary. I know you want to play with it, but spending $100 a week on ammo and new accessories is making me VERY frustrated. Remember that house we're trying to buy? I don't think you can build it with 10mm shell casings, mmmkay?

There you have it my friends, some letters to get this weekend going. I am really going to try to be a little bit more present in the near future. I've just been feeling really overwhelmed the past couple weeks. 


Karen said...

Hope you enjoy your weekend - and hopefully next week won't be as rough for you :) Just visiting from the Friday's Letters link up!

Ashley Slater said...

hey lady! I can't read any of your letters because of the back ground and pink font! Just leaving you a comment though, thanks for linking up!