Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Sorry I haven't been telling you guys much lately. I know you must be devastated. But, alas, I haven't been that interesting. But I do have some things that I want to tell you about that I am loving right now.

1. House hunting again!
That's right kids, Chad and I are back on the prowl. He has been working steadily and I've noticed that a lot of the properties around here that I've been watching have been getting snatched up by buyers. I don't know if people are using newly acquired tax refunds for down payments or if the economy is just taking a huge upward turn, but my favorite houses are selling left and right! So Chad and I went and looked at a couple yesterday afternoon and there was one that wasn't perfect, but it was nice enough. Good location, nice layout, good yard (not a perfect kitchen, but definitely doable). Now to convince him we need to put an offer in on it...
Nothing too fancy on the outside (or the inside, really), but in pretty good shape and has potential.

2. Nice weather!
As most of you know, the Pacific Northwest is notorious for rain. Truth. However, contrary to popular belief, we DO get some sun. And the past couple weekends have been beautiful! Sure, I was cloaked in layers sucking Nyquil through a straw on Saturday, but I did get to enjoy some of our nice weather on Sunday. And I am hoping for more nice weather this weekend. Great for hiking, biking, walks with Buck... you get the drift.

3. Weight Watchers.
I know, I'm a liar. I told you guys a few weeks ago (or was that a couple months ago...?) that WW didn't work for me when I tried it out before. Well, I'm finding that it is the best "diet" for me. Sure, you have to be dedicated enough to stick to it. But that's the same with any diet program. I like the freedom to eat what I want, when I want. All I have to do is plug it in to my little tracker deal. And I've found that if I plan ahead (which I need to do anyways), it's easy to put the numbers into my tracker the day before. Then I just have to worry about whatever additional things I may have (like a soda or an unexpected snack). It's also motivating me to get the little extra exercise points.

4. TV shows.
Even though some of my favorite shows are on hiatus right now (Pretty Little Liars/The Lying Game) I still have plenty of others that are keeping me on my toes. Such as GCB. Sweet Baby Jesus that show makes me laugh (get it...? the Jesus reference?). I also am glad that Hart of Dixie is back from it's little break. Same with The Secret Circle. Great shows to watch online while working out.

That's all. I love way more things, but a) I can't think of them off the top of my head, and b) I have to get ready for work. 


Julia Miller said...

I can't wait for pretty little liars to come back on, and the house is super cute, defiantly has potential.

Miranda said...

good luck on the house hunting! i have been deciding whether to do WW or just stick with My Fitness Pal since it is free. I miss Pretty Little Liars...especially since we know there is more than one A and I am loving GCB and Hart of Dixie. Even though I think HOD is so cheesey....but i'm addicted :) said...

we are also house hunting, and yes the economy is back bc stuff doesnt stick around too long! good luck!