Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

I know I haven't exactly been writing a lot lately. Sorry.
Anyways, as I posted about, Friday was Chad and I's 7 year anniversary. Holy cow.
I had a lot of people talking to me about the "7 Year Itch". I assure you, there is no itching going on in these parts, haha.

Anyways, so Friday night Chad and I went to dinner at Red Robin (yummmm!). My pick. Usually we go to The Keg and spend lots of money on good steak. But since I've been back on Weight Watchers and eating well, I was REALLY craving me some steak fries. I had the teriyaki chicken sandwich ( In case you were wondering. After dinner, we went to Dustin's house to play with Mason and chat and whatnot. Good times.

Saturday morning (earrrrlllly morning... I'm talking 4 am) I woke up and realized that I was sick. DAMN. So I ended up getting up around 7:30, doing a few things, then climbing back in bed right when Chad was finally getting up (around 9:30). I mouth-breathed myself to sleep and woke up at almost noon. I spent the day trying to nurse myself back to health and ignoring the fact that it was GORGEOUS outside. Then we went to a friends birthday party. 
The end.

Today, I got up feeling much better and decided to workout. Even though I'm not 100% back to health from my little cold, it felt good to get some exercise in, since yesterday I was useless. Then I went to the farm to try to check on my horse. Who laughed at me from the lower field because she knew I couldn't get out there without hip waders on. Bitch. Anyways, after that adventure it was back home to walk Buck, take a nap, and get ready for bell choir rehearsal. 

That's it kids, that's all I got.

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