Thursday, May 3, 2012


So sorry for leaving you guys in the dark this week. I had a really good post about my travel aspirations started. But then life when to shit.

I mean, I guess it's really not that bad, but it seems like it.
Wanna know why?

Well, as I told you earlier this week, I am selling Princess. Because I love her and want her to live in a place that benefits her the most. The problem with that?
The thought of letting her just go off into the sunset with some stranger is making me feel ill. I've been fighting off tears every day since i listed her. 
I finally got a horse. A horse I love. and I have to give her up.

Next on the "My Tragic Life" list: house trouble.
I know, I've been shopping for houses for, like, a year. There are good ones. Bad ones. Ugly ones. Sad ones. 
And then there's MY house. The house I've lived in since I came home from the hospital. The house that I can't stand the thought of anybody else living in because it's ours and nobody else will ever love it as well as we can because it's not THEIRS.
Well, last week my mom approached me and proposed that she sell our house to me and Chad for a good price, because she really wants to get into a condo while the prices are still good and she doesn't have to deal with this house anymore (it's a big house and she gets overwhelmed by it). Chad and I discussed it and decided we wanted to go for it.
Things were good, I was excited. My mom was excited. Chad was indifferent (buying a house means less money for things like bullets and beer).
And then things went to crap.
Long story short, things started falling apart. I cried. My mom cried. Chad awkwardly tried to say things to make me feel better, but didn't.

Anyways, that is the cliff notes version. 
I am now trying to untangle my thoughts and emotions and think about the bigger picture(s) surrounding my sadness.

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