Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Here are some things that are on my mind lately, but in no particular order.

1. Damn, working out feels so good. I mean, clearly not while I'm doing it because I can't breathe and I'm passing in and out of consciousness while my lungs and brain struggle to get enough oxygen to sustain normal bodily functions, but after that...

2. Why are some people so god damn pushy? I mean, seriously. People seem to think that they are the only thing I have going on in my work day, therefore they deem it not only acceptable, but completely NECESSARY to call me 20 times before lunch. I fracking told you I would call you when I am done and have something to tell you! I can't fathom why you must leave obnoxious voicemails that last 3 seconds. You know the ones I'm talking about... the ones where someone waits until the very last moment to decide NOT to leave a voicemail because they don't have anything worthwhile to say, due to the fact that they are already well aware that I am going to call them when the time is right and that if they did leave me a voicemail saying "just checking in... call me when you get a minute!" I either a) wouldn't call them back anyways, or b) I would call them and in no subtle way tell them no, I haven't finished, which is why I haven't called them back yet.

3. Why is compassion such a forgotten practice. Honestly, I think they should teach it in school. Yes, I get that a little drama can be entertaining every now and again, but when someone is seriously hurting, there's no reason to stand by and kick the when they're down. Put yourself in their shoes, ask yourself if you'd you like some inconsiderate assholes taking advantage of your precarious situation. The answer is NO.

Anyways kids, those are a few things that I've been thinking about the past few days. 
I hope you've all been having a wonderful week... 

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