Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Love It

I swear you guys, I am trying to get back to my blogging ways. So today I thought I would update you on what I'm loving right now.

I'm Loving... that Pretty Little Liars is back. Seriously! 

I'm Loving... reading. Don't you just love it when you find a book and you can't stop reading it. But then it is over and there are other books in the series that you want to read, but you can't afford to buy them :( that is something I do NOT love.

I'm Loving... Grey's Anatomy. In case you hadn't noticed. I just saw the episode where they guy shoots himself with a bazooka and then it explodes after they get it out of him. WHOA.

I'm Loving... paying off some debt. Since we have our offer in on our house, the mortgage guy told us not to put anymore money into our savings accounts because the USDA (that's who we're getting our loan through) is really questioning deposits after the approval. So that means all that money I was dumping into savings before gets to go towards debt.

Anyways, those are some things I've been loving lately. I should be back later this week, since I have TWO books to tell you about.


Nicole said...

Alright I am pretty obsessed with Greys but I seriously don't remember that episode! What the heck lol. Paying off debt is fabulous! I am dreading all these medical bills that I am sure are being signed sealed & delivered any day now! >:( Good luck with your offer :) how exciting!

Lin said...

Grey's is definitely one of my favorite shows. Although, this season's finale was not much to be excited about :/

Paying off debt rocks! I'm trying to do a bit of that myself. Granted, I'm spending a bit of that extra cash too but hey it can't ALL go to credit cards, right?

Nichole said...

I've been too busy to watch but I have both new episodes on my dvr waiting for me. I CANNOT WAIT!

Miranda said...

Love PLL! I'm so happy it is back on! I'm glad we didn't have to wait till September! I really think Jenna has something to do with being A.