Thursday, June 21, 2012

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Okay... to have a bloody mary for an afternoon snack (when I'm not working, obviously)

It's Okay... to sometimes wish I had a back office job so I wouldn't have to deal with people all the time

It's Okay... to really look forward to Dance Moms (and Dance Moms Miami). Fun Fact: one of my sister's old friends posted a picture on FB of her kids with Abby Lee from Dance Moms! Apparently they were staying in the same hotel somewhere

It's Okay... that after 10 years, I still get really nervous before a bell choir concert

It's Okay... to get jealous that Chad can eat gas station food like pizza sticks and corndogs for breakfast, but if I ate that I would gain 500 pounds (literally, 500)

It's Okay... to get really freaking frustrated by this damn short sale waiting game

It's Okay... to still be nursing a sore hip from my 5k on Saturday

It's Okay... to forget that the 4th of July is right around the corner, and not have any plans yet


Tricia said...

I feel like 4th of July FLEW right up on us!
I can't get into Dance Moms (as much as I'd like to, reality TV is such a guilty pleasure of mine!) there just seems to be so much yelling. So intense.

Lin said...

I totally get why you'd want the back office. I have the last cubicle, way in the corner & I'm always left alone. It's heaven.

I love gas station food but I also gain about 500lbs each time I eat a corn dog.