Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Peanut Butter Cake: A Recipe

So the other night I was perusing Pinterest and got the urge to bake (go figure).
So, I went into my kitchen and concocted whatever I could with the ingredients in my baking cupboard. 
Once my baking itch was scratched, I realized that I needed someone to eat said cake (since it's pretty damn obvious I don't need to).
So I brought it to work.
The next thing you know, people are wanting to know about my recipe for this amazing creation that I clearly worked hours on.
So, here I am sharing with you the recipe for my amazing Peanut Butter Cake.

The Goods:

The next step is to mix up the batter according to the directions.
Then throw in some butterscotch chips and reese's pieces.
Then bake it.

While you're doing that. Scoop some peanut butter into a bowl and mix in the white frosting until you get it to a consistency that you like (definitely use the whipped frosting because it's a lot easier to work with... the regular stuff would be way too thick with the peanut butter).

Then when the cake is done, slap some frosting on that beezy (once it's cooled some, of course). If you want to get REALLY crazy, you can toss some chocolate sprinkles on top.

You're welcome.

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