Monday, June 4, 2012

My Life as a Movie

Has anybody else thought about who would play the people in your life when the time comes that a movie is being made about you?
These are the people that I think would be the front runners.

Lucy Hale

She's cute, young, and I enjoy her.
Although I've only ever seen her in Pretty Little Liars as Aria, so I don't know if she has the acting abilities to achieve my personality.

Mila Kunis

"Pretty" doesn't even begin to describe her. 
I know she's got what it takes to achieve my personality with her acting, however I think maybe it would be a little over the top for her to play me, since my looks and hers aren't even on the same planet.

If I could somehow combine the two of them, it would be PERFECT.
Now, I just need someone to write the screenplay about my life.

What about you? Anybody thought about who would bring honor to your name on the big screen?


Danielle said...

Oo this is a fun one!! I'm not sure who I would pick, but you definitely have me thinking. Your blog is adorable!

Nichole said...

I don't know that I've ever thought about who could play me in a movie, lol. But Lucy Hale & Mila are both so pretty, I'd say those are good picks!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Hy doll! This is beautiful! Do you wanna follow each other on GFC? and like on facebook? Kisses from Romania!

Miranda said...

Love Mila Kunis! If could chose anyone it would be Reese Witherpsoon! Based on looks alone, I have been told I look similar to Leelee Sobieski

Lin said...

I've never given it much thought but I have a serious girl crush on Mila. She's SO pretty.

Jodie said...

This is such a cute post!! I'm wondering who could play and nothing comes to mind!! I think you kind of look a like Lucy!!