Sunday, June 3, 2012

All Fished Out

This weekends recap consists mostly of fishing. Hence the title. I may or may not be all fished out for the summer. With that said, I am kind of sick of fishing (and I'm sure you don't want to read about it), so I'm gonna give you the cliff notes version of it all.


Loaded up in the truck with Chad, Dustin, and Mason to go fish for a few hours.
Caught a couple fish, nothing too exciting.
Watched a bald eagle swoop down about 10 yards away from us and snatch up a fish that we released.

"Fish On!" he says.

Saturday (also Dustin's birthday):

Decided to go to Mill Pond (exactly what it sounds like... a doughnut shaped lake by the old Snoqualmie Mill).
Got rained and poured on. And blown around. And our hooks stuck on about 500 different logs, lillies, trees, etc. 
Caught NO fish.
The old mill. Pretty creepy... there's probably ghosts in there. 

I was trying to capture how angry the sky was and all the rain coming down.
Saturday night:

Went to dinner with Chad's cousin and his girlfriend.
Went to the bar to buy Dustin a birthday drink. 
Subsequently ended up staying out WAY too late.


So far, I've just sat around, taken a nap, and watched some TV. 

That's my recap, no crazy partying, drama, or anything else that would actually be worth ready. Sorry frends.

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Lin said...

Sucks about not catching any fish but it looks like you guys had one relaxing weekend. Your Sunday sounds a lot like mine, nothing but laying was fabulous!