Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Linking up this week to share some of my Pinterest finds with you. Mostly because I don't have a ton of interesting things to tell you.

Source: via Carly on Pinterest  Tree branches recycled into coasters

Source: via Carly on Pinterest I would love this for work!

Source: via Carly on Pinterest Harry Potter cocktail recipes!

Source: via Carly on Pinterest That is terrible advice. (please see the guy right behind her... LOL)

Source: via Carly on Pinterest  Modge Podge + Fabric on wooden hangers.

Source: via Carly on Pinterest
 This really happened to me in 3rd grade... now I just hate everybody.


Lin said...

I want those wooden coasters!

Leigh said...

Ohmigosh I am laughing so hard at the guy's face behind that fantastic dancer. What a winner! And after looking at your pin of the wooden coasters, I feel motivated to cut down a tree branch.

Miranda said...

love the wooden coasters! oh and the harry potter drinks...some people are so creative!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, those wooden coasters are SO adorable!!! Love those!