Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'll gladly accept donations...

So, I finally was able to get a vet out to see my poor Indian Princess.
What I thought was healing nicely is SO much worse than I had anticipated. 
Basically when she cut her leg, she got REALLY close to some major tendons that, had they been hit, would have forced me to have her euthanized.


So, basically the vet had to cut off a LARGE chunk of horse flesh, which bled like a mo fo. Princess was really great for most of the time, she stood pretty well, although she clearly was in some pain, regardless of the fact that the vet numbed the area first.

So, the vet bill was just under $415, then I paid $40 to a friend of a friend to move Princess. THEN I have to pay the fee for the boarding, which is going to be about $650.

So, if any of you have some extra cash laying around, I'm accepting donations ;)


Lin said...

Aw, poor Princess. I'm so glad she's ok & the damage wasn't so severe that you'd have to think about euthanasia. Sorry to hear about all the costs, if I had extra cash laying around I'd totally send you some :)

Sasha said...

Oh man! So glad she ended up being ok! The money part really sucks though. I always say I'll pay any amount to keep my dogs healthy and alive but actually paying it sucks. I actually just had to fork up a small fortune at the vet last week. Total bummer!