Tuesday, July 10, 2012

um, you want HOW much for that bracelet?

Sometimes I want to order jewelry from Stella & Dot
Always I realize that I can't spend $60 - $100 on a bracelet

Sometimes I get more stuff done in the morning when I get up early
Always I find myself falling asleep at 8 that night

Sometimes I want to go buy lunch somewhere during the week
Always I hate wasting my lunch time standing in the Subway line for 15 minutes

Sometimes I wish for sunshine
Always I end up complaining that the sun makes it too hot in the house

Sometimes I read a book in one day
Always I get upset when I do that because it means that the book is over faster

That's all for today kids!


Lin said...

I hate waiting in line for lunch. Luckily the Subway in my city is never that busy. Honestly, if it was, I'd never go there cause I hate to wait in general.

Faison said...

Carly, I'm loving all of your sometimes and always! I love/hate the sun, and I totally feel ya on the Stella & Dot jewelry-- it's why I'm one of the millions that's bought the knock-off J.Crew bubble necklace on eBay. Oops! You can also find me at the Forever21 jewelry counter too. You can't beat $5 necklaces and earrings!

I hope you're having a wonderful week sweet girl!