Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh Balls.

Today has been a doozy of a Monday.

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It's not like I broke my arm or my dog got eaten by a wildebeest, but it's not been super pleasant.

After the weekend of hay and pain, I am still EXHAUSTED. I had to pull over on the way to work today because I felt myself falling asleep.

(Another side effect of all the hard work? My fingers are swollen from picking up hay bales by the baling twine, and they now look like they belong on a bloated dead body)

Then I get to work and I'm slammed. And my boss was coming in late, so I didn't even have anybody to divert people to when I was in the middle of some time sensitive paperwork.
Then you throw on the guy who called 6 times in a row and each time left a 7 second voicemail saying NOTHING. Only to hang up and call back 45 seconds later. 

And then the fact that I am kind of stressing out about money.
When I had the vet come out to check on my horse, I had to drop a cool $450 between the visit, the prescriptions, and getting her moved to a full care facility.
Then when I dropped her off, the gal who owns the facility (who I've known for a fairly long time) said that I could wait and pay her for the half of July in August. 
Well, then she e mails me today and says "oh, I need that check TODAY". 
Um, excuse?
So, I almost have a fracking breakdown because I am already so damn stressed for money (whilst trying not to take any from my down payment savings).
I had to run to the back real quick to get my ass together.

I know, I know, I'm a sissy. But I have so many things going on in my head and planning and budgeting for things that I wasn't expecting to have to budget for and it's all getting to be a little much for me.

Boo :(

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