Friday, August 17, 2012

So, last night I had this completely random dream.

I was literally a character in Pretty Little Liars. It was like I was an extra friend that never comes up on the show, but is really very important.

Except in my dream, things were a bit different.
For one thing, Toby was gay. And had a "partner" and two children. Which he was never allowed to tell anybody about because that evil bitch Jenna would kill them.

Another weird thing? In my dream, they found Ali's body. But not in the same way that they found it in the movie... it wasn't just in a hole in the backyard. It was stuffed in a plastic garbage can in a hole in the backyard. And, even though it had been, like, a long time since she had disappeared, she wasn't decomposed or anything. She was just skinnier.

And when I found Ali's body in the garbage can, Jenna was really mad.
So she was going to shoot me.

It was a pretty stressful dream for me.

PS: Blogger is being extremely difficult right now and took away my signature and is making my spacing and whatnot all wonky.
Not happy.


Lin said...

I have NO clue what exactly this show is about, hence I have no clue what your dream's about...lesson here? I need to Netflix this show asap haha.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

I love PLL. Yes, I do. I'll admit. Also, crazy dream. Poor you!