Monday, August 20, 2012

Things that Happened Whilst Fishing

So yesterday after I said that I was going to spend my day watching tv, doing chores, and napping, Chad and I actually decided to go fishing. 
Lately I haven't been going with him because a) I get tired of fishing a lot sooner than him, b) all he wants to do is go bass fishing, which has never been my thing, and c) that is usually his "alone time" with Dustin.

Anyways, here are a few things that happened on our fishing trip (in the order that they happened)

1. I caught my first bass! Just a little fella, but I got 'im none the less
2. Chad thought he had a fish on, and yanked his pole like it was a 6 foot shark he was trying to hook, thus causing his lure/hook to hurtle through the air, narrowly missing my face and instead getting caught up in my hair
3. Got barked at by a little dog on a dock who wanted to kill us so badly that he actually jumped in the water and chased our boat.
4. I caught my second bass (another little fella)
5. While programming Chad's phone to show the picture of me with my fish when I call him, Chad crashes the boat into a rock and my phone flies out of my hand into the lake
6. Get a MONSTER bass on (okay, it was, like, 3-4 pounds) and that asshole snaps my line and takes my hook and lure

So, now I have a phone that doesn't work (it was shallow enough water that Chad could reach it), and I missed the big fish of my lifetime (probably).


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