Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Just popping in to let you guys know that I am taking an involuntary break from technology.
I still don't have a phone after the whole "phone + lake = bad" situation. And then the other day my laptop suddenly told me it was unplugged. So I checked the cord and, whaddya know, it was not unplugged, the cord just got squashed under the chair leg and then started smelling like electrical fire and smoking.

So until I get my new cord for that, I most likely won't have any of the witty, entertaining posts that you have all grown accustomed too.



Lin said...

What a bummer! That totally happened to my last laptop cord. Hope youre back soon.

Miranda said...

booo. sorry. hope to hear from you sooner rather than later!!!

Jodie said...

Have a nice break! I think we all need to have a break once and awhile! Fresh ideas!