Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hey there...

I swear to christ, if I don't get a laptop cord soon, I am going to lose my fracking mind.

Google reader says I have 641 blog posts to read.
I haven't been on FB regularly for weeks.
Apparently I was so dormant on Pinterest that someone managed to hack it. WTF??

Anyways, I apologize for this post not having any pictures, but I still don't have a good phone, so I am using my mom's old G1. It texts, so I am surviving.

What I've been up to is this:
We went camping over Labor Day weekend with Sister, her husband, and their good friends Dave and Stacy (the officient and other bridesmaid from their wedding). It was a lot of fun aside from a minor meltdown that I had over the fact that I dropped pasta salad all over the ground. It really upset me. Because I wanted to eat it and it ended up covered in dirt.

Reading a lot. Because I haven't had a computer with blogs and Pinterest to pass my time. Hence they double and triple (tomorrow) book reviews.

House stuff. We are moving forward with buying my mom's house, and it is a little on the stressful side. Especially because Chad's job isn't ALWAYS 40 hours a week, and it's such a small company that they have to contact his boss for employment verification (his paystubs are handwritten and don't have his employer's name or his YTD income on them).

I feel like I've been working like a crazy person. We lost a couple employees at work, which increased my work load. I actually like staying busy, but there are sometimes where I just want to crawl under my desk becuase I have too much stuff that needs to be done all at once and then there are distractions that make everything that much harder.

Anyways my pets, I really want to get back to a normal blogging schedule (which I've said so dang many times in the past few weeks) but for now you will just have to be happy with my extensive book reviews.

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Lin said...

My husband doesnt always work 40 hours a week either. It's still a wonder how we manage to pay all our bills on time :/

You sure have been one busy little bee. Hope things settle down a bit & you can relax.