Saturday, September 22, 2012

Is This Real Life?

Do you ever have something happen in your life that makes you think that MAYBE you are in a horror movie or something? 

Last, night, I had a while where I thought that might be happening.
Here's what was happening.

Chad and I went up to North Bend to visit with our friend Sam who is in town for the weekend. We were up there for an hour and a half or so, and I went to the car to check my phone and I saw that I had a missed call from my mom at about 10 o'clock. 

So, I call her back, and she answers the phone and sounds a little freaked out.

She proceeds to tell me that the house phone had rang at about 10, but since she didn't recognize the phone number, she didn't answer it. A couple minutes later, her cell phone rang. Since she doesn't give her cell number out, she answered it.
The person on the line asked her if this was the Moorehead residence, and when my mom said yes, the lady said she was calling from the King County Sheriff, and asked if Robert was my mom's husband. She said yes to this also, and the lady goes on to explain why she was calling. She said that they had received a call from a concerned citizen (a lady) who said that she had been on the phone with my dad a while earlier, but had to get off the line to take another call. When she tried to call him back, she became concerned because she wasn't able to get through to him. At this point, my mom tells the officer that this isn't possible, since my dad has been dead for almost 3 years. The officer then began asking how old my mom was, and how old my dad would have been, and then asking a few questions about my grandpa (my dad's dad). My mom answered all the questions, and then asked the officer who it was that had made the call to them, but apparently the lady wanted to remain anonymous.
Weird, right?
So anyways, the officer said that they had dispatched a car to come to our house (the lady that called them gave them our address...) but that she would cancel the call, since obviously it was a misunderstanding.

Anyways, my mom tells me this stuff, and it leaves me with a really creeped out feeling. I go back to Chad and our friends, and they immediately agreed it was a little too strange, and that my mom should call the police to try to get a feeling if it was REALLY the sheriff's office calling, or just some scammer pretending to be from the sheriff's office and trying to get an idea of my mom's age and address, etc and then coming to our house to try to rob her or whatever.

Anyways, my mom called back the number that called, and they answered the phone as the Sheriff's office and whatnot, but I still felt really weird about it, so Chad and I left to head home. I called my mom back and just told her where Chad's guns were in our house, so if something DID happen, she would have more to protect herself with than a house full of Costco products. She told me that not too long after she talked to me, her dogs started barking. So she turned on the back deck lights and peeked outside, but didn't see anything. Then she headed up to the front of the house and turned on the front lights and made sure all the doors were locked before heading back to her room.

Anyways, we got home and nobody came and tried to break into our house last night or anything, but it was kind of scary for a little while there. It made me think of that movie The Strangers and I was just not okay with wackos trying to break in and kill us for shits and giggles on a Friday night.

Source: via kanna on Pinterest

The End.


Miranda said...

ummm yah. you just totally freaked me out. how freaken weird! why would that woman say that if your dad hasn't be alive in that long. I'm glad everything is alright and it was really the sheriffs but holy hell! scary!!!

Kristine said...

Oh my gosh, that's so scary! :)

silvertag said...

Creepy!! That movie scared the crap outta me btw.

Lin said...

Whoa...that's totally creepy. Also, that movie scared the crap out of me.