Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Weekend

So I already shared with you what happened on Friday night, when we had the scary moment with the weird phone calls to my mom, and not getting hacked to death in our sleep.
So now for the rest of the weekend.


My day Saturday was pretty uneventful.
The weather wasn't all that great, and it was a bit chilly outside. So all I wanted to do was make baked goods and watch Halloween movies.
What I eventually ended up doing was spending a little time on the stationary bike and watching the Nightmare Before Christmas. Semi successful day.
Oh, and I also discovered a beer that I actually like!


Today started with me making a shopping list and heading to the gym. The movie in Cardio Theater today was Julie and Julia.

Honestly, I wasn't too entertained. Sure, I got there and it was already pretty far along, but it just didn't make me laugh or feel anything. Maybe if I watched it from the beginning... anyways, that's enough about that.
After spending $160 on groceries, I came home and Chad and I headed to the dump to take a load of stuff that he had cleaned up from behind our garage and by our wood shed.
Then I did a little more cleaning, some laundry, dishes, etc.
The it was off to bell choir rehearsal.

Can i please tell you that sometimes it gets really old to be 9 freaking years older than everybody else in the  room (aside from the director). There are people my age in the group, but they don't come every week or are in the process of moving or whatever. Anyways, so I spent the better part of the hour and a half rehearsal listening to our director yell at this one kid who just think he is so freaking funny. Really he just wastes all our time and pisses us off. I hate to call anybody names, but he is one selfish kid.

Enough of that.
Now I am relaxing with Chad, watching Bedtime Stories, and dreading Monday morning.

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