Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Go Hawks Go?

So for all of you football fans out there, I hope you are also seeing the bizarre things going on this season since the replacement refs have taken over.

Such as the game we (Seattle) played against the Cowboys last week.
Yes, we won.
No, I don't think it was so much a "controversial" win.
Were there CRAZY calls going on? ABSOLUTELY.
Case in point?
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How they didn't call that hit, no one knows. 
Yes, golden Tate was fined later that week for the hit, but I think this should have been called during the game, not later after the game was over.

And then last night. 
For those of you who missed the MNF game of Seahawks vs Packers, I'm sure you have been hearing about it all over the place (or maybe that's just here?).

There were random, unnecessary personal fouls and flags flying all over the place.
And then, here we are, down to the final seconds. 
We're down by 5 and we're on 4th down. Russell Wilson throws the 24 yard hail mary. And up into the air goes Golden Tate and MD Jennings. 
They fall to the ground and you can't tell who has it.

One official says it's no good, the other calls it a touchdown.

Cue the replays. 

In the replays, you can see that Tate didn't have it as solidly as Jennings did. From another angle, you can really tell Jennings had the ball held to his body. 
No score for Seattle, we lose by 5.

It goes to review.
They come back.
"The ruling on the field stands. Touchdown."
They said that it was "simultaneous possession" which always go to the receiving team. But anybody who looked at those replays knows that Green Bay clearly had possession of the ball over Seattle.

Okay, don't get me wrong, I LOOOOVVVVVE a Seahawks win.
This was a close game regardless of who won.

But it really blows that everybody knows that it was a bad call and that the Packers should have won the game, because now it opens it up for people to bad mouth Seattle football, even though it wasn't our team or fans that made the refs make the call.

And then our players and coaches are in the awkward position of being diplomatic. Not wanting to say that we didn't deserve the win, but also not wanting to say that we DIDN'T deserve to win.

Overall, it really sucks.

Dear real refs, please come back. We want fair football!!!!

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Kodie said...

I have so much respect for you and the Seahawks fans who have admitted they didn't really win that game. As a die hard Packers fan who lives 5 minutes from Lambeau Field, it was heartbreaking to watch my team lose like that. Do I blame the players/coaches/fans? Not at all. I am just disappointed in how many of them keep saying 'get over it.' We overcame a tough first half to be in a winning position like that, and that's what we should be talking about, as well as the fact that your defense kicked our butt the first half and sacked our QB EIGHT times. But sadly, all of that seems to be forgotten because of some refs who were in no position to be doing that job.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, kudos to you for doing something so hard as admitting that was not a fair win. The world needs more people like that.