Thursday, October 4, 2012

Birthday Recap and It's Okay

So yesterday was my birthday... the big 2-6. It wasn't super exciting or flashy or anything, but it was nice. As I mentioned earlier this week, I did my real celebrating last weekend by going bowling with some friends and Sister.
Since Sister is in school right now (she's one of those crazies that goes to school for 4 years, graduates, and then goes back AGAIN!), we went out as a family on Tuesday night to my favorite restaurant, Chang's Mongolian Grill. SUPER good.
Then yesterday, on my actual birthday, I got my lunch bought for me at work. Then when I came home, I found that Chad had actually gone shopping for me without needing a specific list of things that I wanted! He did pretty good too... I got a HUGE fuzzy, soft, warm blanket (he didn't realize it was King size), two fall candles (my favorite), new fuzzy boots for the winter, and a bottle of Fireball :)
Then he and I went to dinner at our local mexican restaurant and came home and called it a night. Nothing too fancy.

Now that that's out of the way, on to...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay... to think that I should be able to find whole wheat everything bagels... not just plain whole wheat, or white everything.

It's okay... that Chad and I woke today living in my MOTHER'S house, but when we go to sleep tonight, it will be OUR house. (YIKES!)

It's okay... that I teared up last night while e mailing the lady who boards my horse about finding her a home. At least she has someone in mind that she knows really well, and I trust her judgement.

It's okay... that I also cried myself to sleep last night thinking about the book I had just finished reading (review tomorrow)

It's okay... that since my mom left her fancy mac and cheese on the kitchen counter this morning rather than putting it away, I am going to punish her by eating some of it.

It's okay... that the cold mornings are making me so excited about Halloween that I can hardly stand it!

It's okay... that in my mind I have about a million dollars to change and update my whole house (it will NOT be okay, however, if I actually try to purchase all of the items needed for said overhaul)

It's okay... to have a seriously desperate desire to be debt free.

Anyways kids, that's all for today! I better get my butt to work... blogging isn't a good excuse for clocking in late...

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Lin said...

Its definitely OK to want to be debt free. Hell, I want it bad. In reality I dont know that anyone's ever completely free of ALL debt but we can at least dream :)

Have fun waking up in YOUR new house!