Wednesday, October 3, 2012


On this, my 26th birthday, I am linking up for OHP.
(am I the only one who has a serious problem trying to narrow down which of my most recent Pins is going to make the cut? PS: I am having a really hard time getting this post to line up the way I want... so you will have to excuse me if things don't line up the way they should)

Source: via Carly on Pinterest

^ Since we'll be having a fall wedding, I think this is really pretty. Although I doubt Chad will agree...

^ Hungry Hungry Hippos... hahaha

^Bridesmaids vs Groomsmen flip cup... an after party game

Source: via Carly on Pinterest

^This is on Etsy. I would like for someone to purchase it for me.

Source: via Carly on Pinterest

^Love this idea!

^OPI Matte Red polish. NEED.

^Dracula's Kiss: Effen vodka, grenadine, and coke.


Source: via Carly on Pinterest

I don't even want to tell you how long it took me to get this post ready.
Our breakroom computer is less than cooperative.

I hope you saw at least something that made you smile!


Lin said...

Dude, my husband would love that Harry Potter mug. So cool

And, I would love to get married again & have the dress in the last photo. Wow that's pretty.

Kristina said...

Give me your marbles had me pee in my pants. I love the dog adoption pin. SO TRUE!