Friday, October 12, 2012

Dear Diary...

It's been a long time since I've linked up for Friday's Letters, and I thought this week would be perfect.


Dear Albert Lee Appliances, you SUCK as a company. Sure, the service was all well and good when we were there picking out a stove, but that was when you wanted to make a sale. Now that there's a problem, you can't freaking stand up to your word and this makes me KIND of hope you go bankrupt because of your shitty service (okay, I'm done now... maybe).

Dear Buck, I know you are lonely now that your bwuddies moved out and you have nobody but the mean kitty to play with during the day. But hopefully Chad will let us get you a friend in the semi near future (meaning in the next couple years).

Dear Halloween, you are kind of sneaking up on me with all the house purchasing excitement, so I don't have a costume yet, which means no set plans, which means STRESS!

Dear vacation week, I wish you would arrive soon. A week and a half is too long to wait!

Dear Hart of Dixie, I am so happy that you are back!! Although I am not exactly pleased with how the first episode of the season went. And I also wish that you would be available On Demand so I could watch on the TV and not on my laptop.

Dear Weekend, thank the sweet baby Jesus you have almost started! I don't know how much more of this week I can take!!!

Dear Chad, please get a monster buck on your first hunting trip. That will make me quite happy.

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Miranda said...

I am so happy Hart of Dixie is back as well but not happy with how the first episode went either! Who do you want her with? I just wanted her to maybe make a decision!!!