Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Little Bit of This and That

I don't have a real post topic, so I thought I would just give you some tid bits of my life right now.

1. We had our annual training day at work yesterday (we take advantage of the Columbus Day holiday so all the staff can be in the same place at one time) and not only did it get out an hour earlier than anticipated, but I won some sweet prizes. Including a free lunch!

2. I have a serious problem when I don't get to let my candles burn for the appropriate amount of time. I know that sounds weird, but I feel like other candle lovers out there will know what I mean. When your candle doesn't burn long enough and it just creates that hole in the middle around the wick, but the sides stay the same and you are wasting all that good wax because it's not burning, therefore not utilizing the candle to it's full potential.
Please excuse the bad picture, but this is an example of a poorly burned candle... the result of Chad making me blow it out when we left the house. Boo.

3. I would really like to know why eggnog is only a holiday product. I'm not a fan of eggnog on it's own, but I do LOVE me a caramel eggnog latte (cut with non fat milk). Although if it were available year round, I don't think it would help with my finances OR my waistline...

4. Chad and I paid for our new stove on Sunday. He picked it up yesterday, but didn't get the cord (that the guy said was included in the price). We drive back today to get it, and another sales lady tells us that they AREN'T included in the price, and that they don't even sell them there. We explained that was one of the reasons that we bought the stove from them even thought their price was significantly higher (and the fact that we could get the stove 3-5 days sooner), and the lady tells us that if we went and got our own cord and then sent our sales guy the receipt for it, she was willing to bet that we would get a reimbursement for it. So, we were annoyed (especially that we drove in there in rush hour traffic), but we figured it wasn't that bad. Well, we get home with the cord and Chad spends 45 minutes hooking it up. We plug it in and... NOTHING. No lights, nothing. So we kind of figure Chad didn't get something hooked up well enough or something. He checks everything and plugs it in again. Darkness. But then he turns on one of the burners, and it gets hot. So we obviously have power to the damn thing, but nothing else works.
Anyways, I am so freaking livid at this point, I can't even think straight.

5. Hunting season starts this weekend, which Chad is getting pretty amped up about. Hopefully he gets a monster buck this year, we need a freezer full of food for the winter!


Lin said...

Free prizes, yay! I can't stand when my candles dont burn evenly. It's so damn annoying. I've been known to toss them out if they get to uneven cause then the wick gets covered by the wax.

Katie said...

"I'm willing to bet you'll get reimbursed for it" sounds like salesperson code for "please go away so I don't have to deal with you anymore, and can deny we had this conversation later" It is expensive, but this is why I always pay to have appliances installed when I buy them. No way I could manage it myself.
I HATE when candles are burned unevenly - I totally get that!