Sunday, October 7, 2012

Moving Weekend!

So this weekend was the one for moving my mom into her new condo!!
Yesterday was a long LONG day, but at the end of it all, my mom was most of the way moved in to her place and seems very happy with it. I didn't exactly enjoy the 15 hour day of moving and unpacking and frustration, but at the end of the day, my mom was happy and so were we. 
Unfortunately, since she is downsizing by A LOT, she isn't even close to being moved OUT of our house. We're hoping it gets done fairly quickly, because we really want to be able to start using all this square footage that we paid for!

Today we had to drive around to find a new stove (long story short, ours got broken in the move), and then spent the evening kind of overhauling our kitchen and family room... we tossed some furniture, LOTS of plastic stuff, and re-arranged things to make more sense (why were the knives between the sink and the popcorn machine? Why did we have a popcorn machine on our kitchen counter at all times? THE MADNESS!!!!!). 

In other news, thank GOD the Seahawks got a legit win today! We didn't get to watch the game, what with the shopping for appliances (like real grown ups), but it was about time that Seattle showed that we really do DESERVE to win sometimes... no blaming the refs on this game!

Anywhoodle kids, I better go and do something productive (Chad is like a slave driver when he's on a mission) and then hit the hay. I will try to get some good before and after pictures of our house, but not until all my mom's stuff is gone. We have some serious plans to overhaul and update everything, and I am SO EXCITED!

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Anonymous said...

moving is the WORST. i've moved 3 times already and i'm planting my ass in this house and never leaving! it's good that you helped out your mom; now you have more space to decorate and copy all things pinterest! :)