Sunday, October 28, 2012

Party Time

This is the first year I've had that I have had multiple Halloween parties to go to all on the same night.
Some of my friends had their big annual party going on, a friend of Chad had a party happening (comic book themed), and then another of our friends had basically his housewarming party of sorts. Oh, and it was a friends birthday also, and she wanted us to come up to her place and carve pumpkins.

Guys, I am NOT cut out for that kind of social schedule.
The comic book party I didn't care about missing. A LOT of our friends were going to be there, but I don't really know the hosts that well, so it didn't break my heart to miss that one. And the pumpkin carving party is right up my alley, but she waited until the last minute to let us know about it. 

So we were down to two parties: the one that a few of my friends would be at, and then the one that Chad knew everybody at.
I thought I had a fool proof plan. We go to my friends' party for an hour or so, say our hellos and mingle for a while, and then head to the other party, where we could catch a ride back with a sober driver and go pick our car up today.

Chad, however, had other plans.
He was concerned about us driving from the first party to the second. He knows I can't see for shit at night time (especially when it's been raining), even when I haven't been drinking. And he knows that he gets into a situation where he doesn't particularly feel comfortable (since he doesn't know as many people that were going to be at the party as I do) so he would probably end up drinking heavily while we were there, which would put us in his (likely) drunk hands behind the wheel.

I was bummed. SUPER bummed. But I have to say I was sort of impressed that Chad made the decision based on his past experiences.

Anyways, we get to the party we WERE going to, and there was, like, 12 people there. 
I was disappointed, to say the least. There was a bag of chips for people to eat (woo hoo) and then there were hot dogs made later. I only knew maybe half the people there, so I didn't have a ton of people to chat with. When we got there, Chad was like "oh... I thought there would be more people here..." and then this morning he goes "but can you imagine how lame it would have been if we hadn't gone?!"
Cool, Chad. Real cool.

I threw our own party for 5 years at Chad's house, and I went all out everytime. Decorations, food, drinks... everything. And that is what I am used to. We went to the other party of my friends' last year and it was awesome... there was a live band, lots of snacks, and lots of fun (although Chad and I also knew only a small fraction of the people there). But that is what I look for in a Halloween party. There is something about 15 people standing in a garage in costumes that just doesn't scream Halloween fun to me.
(I know, I may be kind of being a bitch right now, but I really look forward to Halloween parties, and I was let down).

Anyways, moral of the story, I am really looking forward to next year when we will be able to have our OWN party again.

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Lin said...

Wowza, you guys have a lot going on. We had a party to go to this weekend but skipped it cause we're lame & didnt want to dress up.

Love that mantle. Wish I was creative enough (aka: not that lazy) to make that happen at our place.