Thursday, November 29, 2012

Back to Reality

This has been a week full of meetings, early mornings, catching up, and headaches.
So I'm linking up with Neely and Amber for It's Okay Thursday, because it's just one of those weeks.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Okay that Chad is going back on unemployment. I mean, it's not awesome, since we just bought a house and all. But it will be okay.

It's Okay that we can't buy our dream dining set right now. Chad's aunt and uncle actually had an old dining table they could give us that isn't half bad (I mean, I'm still dying for my dream table, but this will suffice)

It's Okay that I think I'm going to give less BIG gifts this year and more stocking stuffers to supplement.

It's Okay that I haven't done any Christmas decorating yet. 

It's Okay that I watched Hart of Dixie last night and just about wanted to kill that Zoe Hart. That stupid idiot.

It's Okay to be halfway sad and halfway happy that I have someone starting a care lease on my sweet mare this coming month. Sad because it's the first step to selling her, but happy because someone will be able to give her what she really needs that I can't afford.

It's Okay that I have resisted the urge to eat out lately. I had the chance to go out to lunch with my boss and a company rep today and I turned it down. Everytime I eat out, I get something really bad (because why would I get a salad when I can get a delicious juicy burger for the same price?)

It's Okay to stray from your schedule sometimes. Shit happens.

It's Okay that I ignored the crazy noise my heater in my car was making. And it went away. But it was pretty sketchy there for a while... it could have also caught fire. 

It's Okay that Chad got a little carried away with the fire today and it's now about 82 in our family room. 

It's Okay that my favorite part of Christmas is the weeks leading up to it. I think that's when all the excitement really is. Once the day actually arrives, it's a very quick downward spiral.

Anyways friends, I hope you are all having a nice, normal length week after the Thanksgiving holiday.


Jill said...

I agree - the best part of Christmas is the weeks leading up to it! I love the excitement; the building anticipation. My absolute favourite day of the year is Christmas Eve :)

Miranda said...

totally agree about the excitement over Christmas. It's kind of sad. Haha about know how I feel.

Meagan P said...

We get carried away with our fire sometimes too!! It looks so pretty, but the heat sneaks up so fast. --