Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Swap Reveal!

Hey kids! I was hoping to have a whole post today about all the stuff I did over the weekend (like Wing Dome and Zoo Lights), but all the pictures are on Chad's phone, and he's at work. 

So instead, I'm just going to share with you the stuff I got in my Holiday Blog swap package from Meghan, my fellow Washingtonian!

Again, my apologies for my crappy picture. Still using the ole G1 phone...

What Meghan sent me:

1. a fun striped mug
2. a delicious smelling Glad candle
3. a gorgeous orange scarf
4. a fun glittery nail polish
5. a mini bottle of champagne
6. champagne TOPPERS (seriously what a genius idea!)
7. A hot chocolate stirrer thing (just stir it in warm milk to make chocolate peanut butter hot chocolate)
8. peppermint bark and little candy canes

It was seriously like Christmas when I was opening my package. Every little bundle I opened was more and more exciting. 

I'm also so glad that I was matched up with Meghan. She's so sweet and since we live close together, I'm really hoping we can meet someday soon!!!


Lin said...

Meghan always sends the best swap packages. Look at that pretty scarf & how cute is that mini champagne and hot chocolate stirrers. I've always wanted to try those, maybe I'll actually pick some up when I'm at the store next time.

Thanks for linking up & participating in the swap. So glad you loved your items :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you loved your package, lady! I LOVED being paired with you, and I, too, hope we can be meet up someday!


Heather said...

This package is awesome!! Those hot chocolate stirrers are my favorite thing ever. I like making them around the holidays with my momma.

Also - totally breaking the law by sending you a bottle of champagne - my kind of girl!!

Yesi said...

Wow this package is awesome!!! I wouldnt mind joining you with that champagne <3