Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's Okay

I've determined that I must be the only blogger that does most of her blogging on the weekends. I guess that's just when I have time.

So here's what is okay with me this week.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay... that I am VERY excited about the duck nuggets I made tonight. The best batch EVER. The key? Soak the duck breasts in salt water to tenderize it.

It's okay... that I still have about half my Christmas shopping to do. I have all next week off of work, so I should be able to get it all done then.

It's okay... to be relieved at having down time at work. I've been feeling so stressed at work lately that having a quiet day was much appreciated today.

It's okay... that I'm trying to convince Chad that Buck needs a new brother or sister (the canine kind, not the human kind). I found a perfect dog and had Chad almost convinced that I was having it dropped off here on Friday. He almost shit a brick.
(Meet Franklin, a basset hound lab mix that is just BEGGING to be Buck's bwuddy)

It's okay... to be SUPER happy about the ending of Hart of Dixie this week. George is with Tanzie, and Zoe and Wade are FINALLY becoming a real deal couple. Hooray!

It's okay... that I ranted about Chad on Sunday. He definitely felt my unhappy vibes and has been extremely sweet and helpful lately.

It's okay... to like Duck Dynasty reruns just as much as Friends reruns. 

It's okay... that I thought Chad and Dustin were about to have a shootout in my family room, when really they were racing to see who could take their pistol apart faster.

It's okay... that I'm not loving the Janet Evanovich book I'm reading. It's good, but since it's part of the Stephanie Plus series, it's hard to get to know the characters when I haven't ready them from the beginning.

Wells friends, I hope everybody is surviving the holiday stress okay... I know I'm struggling!


Jill said...

If you have next week off, getting your shopping finished should be a breeze! For some reason, I'm not really stressing this year either... I'm just kind of like, "Whatever gets done, gets done... whatever doesn't, too bad!" I still have a few gifts to get, and some baking to do, as well as all my wrapping... but it still feels like there's lots of time yet! :)

Ahh, Hart of Dixie... one of those shows I didn't watch at the beginning and now wish I had! My friend keeps telling me I'd love it. I'll have to catch up on DVD sometime.

Life With Lauren said...

Hope you get the dog!

SimplyCallMeSylvia said...

I was so happy with the Hart of Dixie episode! I love Wade so so much! lol

Miranda said...

i was going to write on your wall about HOD. I knew you would be happy. I'm still torn. I like George!

That dog is adorable! and very unique looking.