Monday, December 10, 2012

Moving Right Along

So after my little rant yester, I am feeling much better. Thanks for bearing with me on that. (Chad even came home from hunting and apologized for never being around to help and that he would try to remember that I have feelings... excellent!!).

Even though I got a giant sliver yesterday, ripped one of my grocery bags and had all my groceries go flying around, couldn't sleep, misplaced my car keys, and generally had a not so very good day, the Seahawks REALLY pulled one out for us.
For those of you who weren't watching and somehow didn't hear, we beat the Cardinals 58-0 with 8 takeaways. It beat our franchise record!

We're still a game and a half behind the 49ers as far as the playoff go, but we've got some home games left to win (since we're undefeated at home) and an away game against the Bills. So hopefully the 49ers lose a couple games. We need a redo of our Super Bowl that was robbed from us.

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