Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ornament Swap Reveal!!

So WAYYYYY back in October, I signed up for an ornament swap on Erin's blog, and the day has finally come to link up and share what I got!!

Now this swap was a little different because you are sending to and receiving from two different people, which gets a little confusing.

I sent to Carrie (she's pretty new to blogging, so go show her some love and check out the ornaments I got her) and then I was receiving from Karissa.
I have to tell you, I got a little concerned for a minute because I didn't get my ornament until YESTERDAY so I got scared I wasn't going to have something to link up with. But homegirl came through for me :)
She got me this super cute kitty ornament!
(my picture sucks because of my sucky phone camera, but here she is!)
(also, please don't judge me because I had to take this picture on the cutting board in my kitchen with a steak knife right next to it. The kitchen is the only place I can get enough light to take a decent picture with this piece o' crap phone, and I had to use the knife to get into the box...)

Anyways, I LOVE my ornament and can't wait to get a tree up!


Jessah said...

Ha, ha. That is funny about the cutting board. Cute kitty. Glad you got your ornie in time. Thanks for joining our swap!

Lindsay said...

Dropping by from the ornament swap link-up -- I've been loving seeing everyone's ornaments! What a cute kitty ornament!